Professional Home Inspections, thermal imaging inspections and commercial inspections

About Me

   PS Inspection & Property Services LLC
   Contact:   Emmanuel Scanlan
   Address:   PO Box 414, Josephine, TX  75164
   Phone:      214-418-4366
   PS Inspection & Property Services is a privately held company.  This is not a franchise business, or a multi Inspector firm with hands tied
   to corporate rules, procedures, and all of the trappings intended to separate you from your money.  Instead I am the sole Home
   Inspector and it is my goal to provide you with the personal attention that you deserve!  Your home inspection will come with the
   knowledge needed to make a wise decision regarding your particular real estate deal.  

With over 30 years of detail oriented work experience you can expect to receive an exceptional home inspection, and a detailed home inspection report.  Using my extensive training, experience, and advanced equipment I don't look for just the obvious issues in a home.  Instead I look for everything that can potentially be found.  Unlike other Home Inspectors I feel that no two homes or properties are the same, and I approach each one with no preset expectations.  By approaching each home as a unique experience, with a critical eye for detail, it is much less likely that issues will go undiscovered.  I don't use "checklists" and "checkbox" style inspections and reports as these are the mark of a minimalist Home Inspector!  I am committed to providing inspection services that exceed any State of Texas or industry association standards and minimums.  

I run and operate my business the way I believe any business should, that is with honesty and integrity!  I was raised with "Old World" values and ethics.  Our teachings were about doing what is ethically and morally right.  These values were taught early in life as one child of a very large family.  As a decorated military Veteran these same values resulted in an exceptional, and recognized, military service record.   I have two current and extensive Federal and State background checks in effect for other licenses I carry.  To date I have absolutely no criminal record whatsoever, not even a parking ticket.  I will do nothing to jeopardize my Professional Home Inspector license nor the other licenses I carry!   With that being said, I can guarantee you that I will perform the job you are paying me to, and it will be performed properly!

The following is a list of just some of the credentials I carry.

  • Texas Licensed Professional Inspector, License #7593
  • International Code Council, Residential Combination Inspector #5247015-R5 (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Building)
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer (ASNT-TC1A Standards)

I am a firm believer that a business should never be measured in the profits it can make from the client.  It should instead be measured by how well that business can satisfy the clients' needs.  To that end I am proud to live, and operate this business by the following motto!   

Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge brings peace!