Professional Home Inspections, thermal imaging inspections and commercial inspections

With PS Inspection & Property Services LLC., you will receive the most thorough and highest quality inspection service!

The wealth of information that you gain from a quality Professional Inspector will help to protect you from buying a problematic home and help reduce  the likelihood of costly surprises later!   What distinguishes one inspector from another is his knowledge, experience, integrity, thoroughness and the quality of their report.  Price often reflect these attributes.  While it is understandable that the price of any product or service is a decision factor for many people, I would encourage you to search for a quality Inspector instead of a "Cheap Inspector".  After all, your house will be one of the most expensive investment you will ever make. Don't get stuck with a defective or unsafe home by hiring the cheapest Inspector!

I have been a Professional Inspector for over ten years and consumer advocate for many more years than that.  I am passionate about my job and helping my clients. Please call or email me for a sample report so that you can see and compare who you are preparing to hire for your inspection.  Whereas many inspectors will only spend as little time as possible on your home, I will take however much time it takes to do the job thoroughly and properly.  Furthermore, I am always open to communication prior to and after the inspection with no additional charge.  In short, with PS Inspection & Property Services LLC, you will receive the most thorough, highest quality inspection and report offered today!

Please have the following information available so that I may ensure you receive the proper service and price.

  • Property Address
  • Age of the property (Date built)
  • Square footage of the structures on the property
  • Number of stories
  • Foundation type (slab, Pier & Beam, etc.)
  • Is a pool or hot tub present?
  • Are there any structures separate from the main structure (i.e. detached garage, large storage buildings, etc.)?
  • What utilities are present (city water or well, city sewer or on site septic, natural gas or propane, any other special utilities)?
  • Is an irrigation (sprinkler) system present?
  • Are there any other special and significant features not found in most properties of this type?
  • Are there any parts or systems of the structures or the property that you are already comfortable with and are not interested in having inspected?
  • Are there any known or suspected issues with the property that are of concern to you?     

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