Professional Home Inspections, thermal imaging inspections and commercial inspections


The inspection services offered covered a wide range of needs as noted below.  If you do not see a particular inspection type for your needs please contact us so that we can discuss what might better serve your needs.

Pre-purchase Home Inspection

As a buyer you are about to make the largest single purchase of your life!  During your viewing of the home before the offer you only have a very limited time to identify issues and it is very easy for you to miss critical issues.  There are also many issues that you might not even be aware are there.  As an Inspector we are afforded more time and have the experience to help identify those issues you will miss.  A buyer's inspection can provide valuable information regarding the condition of the home to help you make better decisions during the purchase process. 

Pre-listing Home Inspection

Over time home owners become accustomed to their homes overlooking issues that might be present which can affect the sale of the home. 
The trend for buyer's to hire Professional Inspectors has increased.  Whether it is a buyer's or seller's market you need all of the information possible to negotiate a maximum price for your property!  Having an inspection performed may help in many ways.  I will help you identify possible needed repairs which may:
  • Allow you to hire your choice of contractors and obtain fair repair pricing before repairs become a negotiating issue.
  • Provide you information to successfully price your property.
  • Help prevent delays in negotiations and closing.   

New Home Phase Inspections During Construction

Every builder wants to build a perfect home for you.  However perfection is rarely if ever obtained!  Any new home build is a complex process that is subject to errors at every step.  Any good builder would want you have your own independent third party Inspector perform inspections to help them identify issues they may have missed so they can ensure they build the best home possible.  Phase construction instructions are intended to help you and the builder identify these issues at specific points along the way during construction.  Call to discuss the phase inspections that are best suited to your needs.

New Home One Year Warranty Inspection

Most new home warranties provide for a one year period where all aspects of the home are covered including typically workmanship and materials as well.  The one year point is usually your last opportunity to identify and report many different issues that the builder will not consider addressing after that year.  The warranty inspection is intended to be just as thorough an inspection and detailed report as your final inspection, before possession of the home, to help ensure you did find these items of concern covered under that first year. 

General Maintenance Inspection

Our lives are busy these days what with family, friends, and careers to be concerned with!  Some times we just don't quite pay as much attention to our home's condition as we thought we were or just don't have the time to constantly monitor the home's condition.  A general maintenance inspection is intended to help you identify those issues that might need tending to or might cause other or advanced issues with the home.  Catching issues before they become major can save a great deal of money in the long run and a general maintenance inspection can help in that aspect.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

There are times when a visual inspection just is not enough to help identify issues and/or the extent of issues such as moisture penetration, air infiltration, electrical issues, as well as many other issues.  Infrared Thermal Imaging is a great tool to help with many different issues.  For a more in depth explanation please visit my Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Services page.

Commercial Inspections   

PS Inspection & Property Services can provide commercial inspections for many situations.  Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.    

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